by Neha SharmaOctober 10, 2014

Why to Cite References in Your Academic Assignments

When you are using any piece of knowledge created by another author directly or indirectly in your own work, you should give credit to the original author. This is done through referencing or citations. Referencing is essential to be followed in your academic assignments so your work remains free of plagiarism of any kind. The major reason to use references in your academic assignments is for providing due credit to the original author of a thought or idea. It is important to acknowledge other writers from whom you are taking inspiration. Else, your work seems to contain stolen quotes and ideas from other writers.


You should be aware that plagiarism of any kind is a crime. Referencing is what saves you from this crime. Your work must always be completely original. You should not use any content that comes from another writer’s work. If you do so, then you must give references of the sources referred by you. This lets you make use of that resource without being involved in plagiarism. Thus, you should make every single citation within your text and give reference to the same in the bibliography at the end.

Another reason for you to use references in your academic assignments is to inform readers of the sources you have referred. This further helps your readers in locating the original source of information. Readers may want to check an original source to receive detailed knowledge on the topic discussed by you. Thus, it becomes easier to do that when you have given a proper reference to that source. You should also ensure that you provide references in a specific professional referencing style that is suggested by your institution. Make your work look completely genuine, original and authentic by doing suitable referencing in all your academic assignments.