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Why Research Assignments Are Given To Students?
by ChiragJanuary 31, 2015

Why Research Assignments Are Given To Students?

1Students at graduate and postgraduate level are irked with the project assignments that are given to them. Most of them feel that these assignments are unnecessary. However, they ‘have to’ complete their assignments in order to complete their degree program. They have to complete the research, and prepare a report on it, and submit the same, before the time limit ends.

Project work is a part of module, and is very much necessary. There is a motive behind for including individual and group tasks in academics.

Personality Development – Research assignments are a difficult task, and are programmed to improve the interpersonal skills of a student. Students have to work hard, whether in a group or individually, and conclude their research task. For their research, they sometimes have to meet and visit different people and places. Afterwards, they also have to prepare a research report, which again is not an easy task. These assignments give them self confidence to work on difficult projects. It helps them at their future workplaces.

Confidence – A number of graduate and postgraduate students, when they join their study program, do not have a high self confidence level. After working on different projects, meeting different people, and giving presentations, they achieve a newer and higher self confidence level.

Future preparation – For an instance, MBA, the Master’s Degree program in Business Administration prepares future entrepreneurs and professionals for world class organizations. The project assignments in MBA and other management programs focus on advancing the business and management skills of scholars. They are given assignments related to business development, organizational behavior, operation management, and various other areas. These assignments prepare the students for such practices in their future. During their business operations, they would be using those valuable lessons which they learnt during their project assignments.

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