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What Makes a Good Assignment?
by Assignment IndiaAugust 23, 2014

What Makes a Good Assignment?

Writing assignments is a part and parcel of every MBA and higher education course. Some students are good at it and some struggle with it in the beginning of the course. Since many assignments are expected from students during the tenure of their higher degree, it can get overwhelming at times. Especially for students who want to rise above the rest and make a mark amongst the professors, writing a good assignment is a necessity.

The elements of a good assignment include:

Uniqueness: Though the topic given by your professor will be same, you can always choose a unique route to complete your assignment. This will showcase your ability to think out of the box and you will get a chance to shine amongst your peers.

Apt information: With the advent of the internet, information overload is a major problem. Students are unable to define where to stop when it comes to research. Don’t take in irrelevant information in your assignment since it degrades its quality.

Originality: This is the most important factor in assignment writing. Make sure to write each sentence in your own words. If you copy off the internet, you will have a lot of plagiarism issues and your assignment might even get disqualified.

Introduction, body and conclusion: Divide your assignments into these 3 categories and make sure you write them in a systematic manner. The introduction and conclusion are important factors in the assignment so make sure you don’t miss them.

Timelines: Since most post-graduate courses have an overload of assignments, it is mandatory to have a timetable that lets you work on a schedule so that you don’t miss any deadlines. Keep a fixed timeline for your assignment and write without fail to submit it on time.

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