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Various Forms of Assignments
by Assignment IndiaOctober 21, 2013

Various Forms of Assignments

At the master’s or PhD level, your assignments are not restricted to the common format that you must be familiar with. They change form and can be found in various formats. The tricky part is that they are all different in nature and have to be tackled using a variety of skills. The approach for each one must be unique. Here are some common types of assignments that you must be prepared for:

  • CASE STUDIES: These are quite common for MBA students. In case studies, students are delegated a ‘case’, which can be an event or a situation, or a group of people. The case has to be examined and observed and notes have to be made extensively to assess the various aspects of such case. The evidence to be gathered can be qualitative or quantitative. They are often aimed at finding cause and effect relation between the variables involved in the study.
  • RESEARCH WORK: Students may have to do some research and submit a dissertation or thesis. This is an extremely long essay, which is written in a particular format. You will have to use various techniques of research, as required, and prepare a research report. Every research work has a problem statement and objectives, and is based on a hypothesis.
  • PRACTICAL PROJECTS: Since higher studies are supposed to prepare you for a job, you need to have knowledge about how things work in the real world. Practical assignments, involving a study of procedures and processes, give you hand-on experience and prove to be highly beneficial when you are applying for a job. This can also take the form of an internship program.
  • THEORETICAL PROJECTS: These are much like the work that you have been doing all through school and college; with the slight difference that you have to access a larger number of resources, apart from your course books. Doing a complete literature review and critically examining the topic assigned is necessary for such a project.

When you are prepared for all these varieties of assignments, you will be able to tackle them effectively. So, start practicing today.

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