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Top 10 Requirements for an Assignment
by Assignment IndiaOctober 21, 2013

Top 10 Requirements for an Assignment

What does an instructor expect when she assigns a task to her students? She expects more than just a completed assignment. If you wish to score well in the next assignment that you submit, go through the following points which will familiarize you with the requirements and help you meet your faculty’s expectations:

• Be Quick: Your assessor will certainly wish that you submit the assignment on time. Every college has certain rules regarding the duration within which your assignment must be sent for review. Make sure that you know the deadline and stick to it. If you get late, such delay can even cost you precious marks. The best way to beat the rush is to make a schedule for every task and try to work according to it. Keep some buffer time for exigencies.

• Accuracy: Speed alone is not enough; you have to ensure that there are no mistakes. Accuracy of the information given in assignments, whether it is numeric or subjective, is of utmost importance. Double check every data that you include in the assignments.

• Uniqueness: Since all students have the same or similar topics for assignments, you must try to be different. Only when the assignment has something exclusive, it will be able to impress the reviewers. Put in your own ideas and viewpoints.

• Information: Your assignment has to be informative. At the master’s or PhD level, you must not stay restricted to the books. Research about the topic, do a survey and collect information which others do not have. This will add value to the assignment.

• Language: Your vocabulary and grammar must be impeccable. If you go wrong with the language and presentation, then even correct information may be perceived wrong. Revise the format and sentence structure to ensure that they are perfect.

If you mind the above points, then you are sure to score high in all the assignments that you do.

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