by Assignment IndiaAugust 27, 2018

NS2 Simulation Development

Network Simulator (NS) is an open source tool built using C++ and Python. The tool’s library is wrapped by python for the developers to simulate the code. Network Simulator have a series of discrete network simulators ns1, ns2, ns3, and ns4 used for research and implementations. Network Simulator 2 is an open source tool that runs on Linux and provides support to the researchers for the simulation of routing, multicast and IP protocols.

The researchers providing NS2 simulation development help at Assignment India knows the considerable demand for networking projects with the use of NS2, and up-to-the-minute information of the technology. The tool has its core in C++ and is binded in python for the implementation of the software. NS2 is a multipath routing tool with real-time protocols. The software program models the behaviour of the networks and calculates the interaction between different network entities such as routers, switches, nodes, etc.

NS2 has evolved substantially in time with a brilliant contribution in the research work for the better quality of network in router and TCPs. While the tool supports all the variants of TCP, it ships with Linux and runs the script for wireless and wired networking models. Before building an actual network, it is better to analyse the impact of various structures and our researchers at work help the scholars to use and implement the script on the tools. We assist the researchers with every possible outcome using NS2 simulation technique, either with the upgrading of the simulators and the basic functioning of the tool. Write to us at to get NS2 simulation development help in your research.