by Karan SinghNovember 23, 2015

How to Reduce Plagiarism

In the process of writing dissertation, you refer many books, research papers and journal to get information for your paper. When you borrow information and ideas from other sources and incorporate it into your paper there is a risk of creating a plagiarised content. Here are simple steps that you can follow to avoid plagiarism.

Write in your own words

When you do a literature review for your paper, make notes and write in your own words rather than copying the exact words from the book or research paper. While writing your dissertation, make sure you dont copy more than two words together from the row of the original text otherwise it will be considered as plagiarised.

Cite the source

When you borrow text from other’s work, add the details of author, date of publication, page number and other similar information. This is known as cited and every educational institute has its own format of citing. Follow the guideline to avoid getting trapped in plagiarism.


Quoting is using the quotes exactly the way it appears in the original text. You should take special care while quotes as no one wants to be misquoted. Higher educational institutes do not appreciate quoting and have defined limits for dissertations and other assignments. Reading, understanding, and writing in your words may take time but it is in the best interest of all, as it ensures that you have understood the concept well.


You can avoid plagiarism by creating a reference page at the end of your dissertation, where you can add information about all the physical and digital sources you have used in creating the document. Typically, students need to mention the source, title, authors name, publication date, but every educational institute has its own format of writing the reference. Check with your institute and collect all the required information.